Professional retouching and color grading courses

The complete bundle of 2 video courses

Everything you need to know about retouching, toning and color

What I wan’t you to learn – is a deep conscious approach to the photo editing – what we’re doing, why, which techniques to use?

How we feel the skin texture?

How we train our eye and see the difference between over edited and natural result.

How to come up with the color grading ideas and always have many color options on your mind.

How to make your retouching not chaotic and painful, but productive and meaningful.

How to keep up with creativity and give the high end editing even to not professionally taken photos.

I teach you to do the result you and your clients will love!

This Bundle of 2 online courses includes:

✔  30 video lessons in Adobe Camera Raw, Capture One and Adobe Photoshop  –  from raw conversion and basic adjustments to improved high end techniques for skin, body, hair, background, clothes retouching

✔ 12 video lessons of professional color grading, color correction and toning.

✔ 21 hours of video lessons, available online 24/7.

✔ PDF retouching plan – checklist of all the stages of the editing.

✔ Workbooks with the quiding instructions, adjustments of the instruments / techniques and set up we use.

✔ Actions

✔ 40 PSD files with layers

✔ 50 professional RAW photos for your practice from the fashion photographer

✔ Access to private Facebook group for networking and sharing the results

 This course is for the independent work in your own temp, the format provides materials which are already recorded and available for you online right after the purchase.

 The course provides videos with the detailed explanation of all the actions you see, all the ideas and decisions we make. These are not some speed retouching videos, but detailed tutorials of the approach ,with the explanations why we do such, which more options we have, which mistakes could be made.

ⓘ Language of the course and software – English

 Access for the course – 2 years from the moment of purchase. 

ⓘ The access is for 1 person only (given to 1 Google account). You can access from any computer/tablet, but only from 1 account.

ⓘ You can purchase the gift certificate for the person who’s not the buyer, please contact us for such possibility.

ⓘ You will need Adobe Photoshop for all the lessons (optionally Capture One , but only for 1 lesson)

The Retouching Course is for you if you are:

Amateur / beginner photographer, not doing it professionally yet

You’ll get all the techniques and knowledges which are used by Pros, but in the same time it’s simple for understandable even if you’re beginner. 

You need to start with the right approach from the very beginning, building the better structure of your editing process, knowing which techniques are good and which to avoid, how to work with references and moodboards, finally – how to have fun when you edit and not to struggle with so many Photoshop buttons, but get that magazine quality.

You’ll find your own retouching style, but also learn how to fit the market so your commercial clients would be happy.

Professional photographer or retoucher

You might already got some experience in retouching, but you feel there is still a space to improve, to make your process more effective, to learn some tips and tricks, to become more productive and to finally get into that high end market where you work with exclusive clients, models and brands.

There are tons of information around, but you need to get those essentials which are used on the high end market.

You’ll also be able to create and teach your own team later. having all these knowledges by yourself.

Retoucher to be

You always loved photography or been interested how to get started in the creative industry. Probably you even already watched some Youtube videos, but you have no idea how to make it all work. 

This might become your full time job or a side hustle or a passionate hobby, anyway you’ll get new skills,  understand how to deal with the complicated assignments, how to organise your process effectively and productively, how to find balance in time – quality and reach new professional level, which will help you finally love your retouching, start a new favorite job or a hobby and get more happy clients.

Meet your teacher
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Lesya Kostiv — professional commercial fashion & beauty retoucher based in Slovenia. She has been working with the international photographers, brands, magazines, model agencies and creative agencies since 2010. 

Her retouching works were published at such magazines as: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, HELLO, Nylon, L’Oficciel, Grazia, Lucy’s, Vulcan, Neo2 and others. Among hundreds clients there were such as: YSL beauty, Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Porsche, Toyota, L’Oreal Kerastase, Emily Ratajkowski.

She has edited more than 11 000 photos and taught more than 400 photographers and retouchers on offline and online workshops during last 12 years.

In 2020 was launched her “Retouch Course” in Ukrainian which already finished 200+ students, and “The Retouching Course” in English was launched in 2022.

The Retouching Course and Color Grading program:

Tap the chapters name to open the details

Chapter 1 - Analysis, retouching plan, structuring, organising the workflow, RAW conversion in Capture one and Adobe Photoshop

1. Creating the brief strategy for retouching. Steps overview, photo analysis. 

Understanding what needs to be edited, which methods and techniques to use and in which order, how to choose references. 

Retouching plan (37:52)

2. Why we need to work with RAW files. 

How to make the best raw conversion and take out the most possible from raw photos for further easier retouching. 

Сapture One vs Lightroom vs Aadobe Camera RAW (16:45) 

3. Raw conversion in Adobe Camera RAW (Photoshop and Lightroom) (48:07)

4. Raw conversion in  Capture One (46:21)

Chapter 2 - High end portrait retouching. Cleaning, Freqency Separation, Dodge and Burning. Natural skin texture and volume. Working with male, female portraits, white and black skin.

5. Cleaning as the first and must needed part of retouching, tips and tricks (48:18)

6. Frequency separation as the fastest and most effective retouching technique. 

How to use it wisely and make the natural “untouched” skin texture, but fix all the issues. 

How to avoid a filtered “plastic doll” result. (01:00:07)

7. Frequency separation practice, tips and tricks (48:49)

8. Dodge and Burning for perfect skin texture (basics and essentials) (24:27)

9. Dodge and Burning practice for male and female portraits (52:26)


10. Full high end beauty retouching process for black skin female portrait (part 1 – raw conversion) (28:19) 

11. Full high end beauty retouching process for black skin female portrait (part 2  – retouching and color grading) (1:42:01)


Chapter 3 - Attention to details - body retouching, hair retouching, clothes, eyes, lips, makeup, under eyes area, age wrinkles, studio background.

12. How to fix oily shiny skin. Creating a matte skin (14:35)

13. Undereyes area – dark circles, wrinkles, tired look (12:39)

14. Age and mimical wrinkles (10:56)

15. Teeth (16:03)

16. Getting rid of small facial hairs (09:02) 

17. Eyes makeup retouching, eyebrows, lashes (27:24)

18. Eyes retouching (14:25)

19. Fixing and adding the makeup (13:47)

20. Lips retouching – making the perfect lips makeup (14:57)

21. Lips retouching – natural soft lips (12:27)

22. Nails retouching (8:22)

 23. Introduction to hair retouching (4:55)

24. High end hair retouching (50:56)

25. Body retouching (1:28:17)

26. Clothes retouching (38:35)

27. Studio background retouching (43:51)

28. Even balanced skintone. Matching skintone (23:41)


29. Sharpening (16:23)

30. How to edit images from the one shoot and save time (15:35)


Chapter 4 - Color. Color correction. Color grading and toning. Color harmonies, references and mood boards. Local color grading, luminosity masks, color adjustments instruments,

1. Color understanding (11:45)

1.2. Technical aspects of color work. (8:46)

2. Color harmonies (54:09)

3. Color instruments and masks (49:27)

4. Local color grading (26.41)

5. Skin local color correction, removing redness (29:44)

6. Skintone, portraits color grading (25:14)

7. Outdoor fashion color grading (15:34)

8. Family, preganancy, kids photography color grading (37.32)

9. Studio color grading (24:42)

10. Wedding color grading (29:00)

11. Advanced luminosity masks for color (20:37)


Choose your plan

Full bundle of 2 courses "Professional retouching" + "Professional color grading"

✔  42 video lessons

✔ 21 hours of video, available online 24/7.

✔ PDF retouching plan – checklist of all the stages of the editing.

✔ Workbooks with the quiding instructions, adjustments of the instruments / techniques we use.

✔ Actions

✔ 40 PSD files with layers

✔ 50 professional RAW photos for your practice from the fashion photographer


You save 31% by buying this bundle


Full bundle of 2 courses + 1 to 1 individual Zoom lesson/consultation

✔ Full Retouching Course and Color grading access 

✔ One personal call with Lesya where you’ll get detailed feedback on your retouching, answers to all of your questions, personalised plan on your professional grow, tips on building your marketing strategy and of course we’ll retouch together 

 ✔ Duration of the call – 2 hours

✔ We plan a call when you watched all the course, practised, I give you tasks for the homework, which I’ll check by our call so we can talk more practically and I give you the most personalised feedback



Course "Professional high end retouching"

Includes Chapters 1,2,3 ( Color grading chapter 4 is not included)

✔  30 video lessons

✔ 15,5 hours of video, available online 24/7.

✔ PDF retouching plan – checklist of all the stages of the editing.

✔ Workbooks with the quiding instructions, adjustments of the instruments / techniques we use.

✔ Actions

✔ 30 PSD files with layers

✔ 30 professional RAW photos for your practice from the fashion photographer


Course "Professional color grading and color correction"

Includes Chapter 4 (Chapters 1,2,3 not included)

✔  11 video lessons

✔ 5,5 hours of video, available online 24/7.

✔ Actions

✔ 10 PSD files with layers

✔ 20 professional RAW photos for your practice from the fashion photographer


How it works:



Quick purchase and quick login on the website.

You can buy a gift certificate to another user, please contact us for such option.


Get access

You get the access, can login into the educational platform from any device, you can watch videos and download all the files.


Watch, learn, improve

You’ll get new skills, improve your retouching and color grading. Practice and share results in our private Facebook group.

Here is what you get with the improved skills:


Natural skin texture


Shiny hair without flyaways


Evened magazine quality skintone


Perfect makeup

2020-04-17 12.43.08

Volume and shine


Professional color grading

What software you need: 


— Computer or laptop (it’s not recommended to watch from phone due the amount of small details you need to mention).

—  Adobe Photoshop (basically, any version you have will work, but if you can – update to Adobe Photoshop CC 2022)

—  Capture One Pro (optionally, this can be used as alternative in RAW conversion, but Photoshop or Lightroom are fine as well)

If you don’t have Photoshop yet – you can buy a subscription here, I recommend Photography Plan for 9,99$/month

—  Mouse or graphic tablet (optionally, it’s recommended for the best professional result, thought many retouchers start with the mouse and buy a graphic tablet later in the end of their educational process)  

ⓘ Recommended model – any Wacom tablet (small size fits most of retouching tasks). My model – Wacom Intuos Pro M

What our students say

I, as an absolute beginner, without basic knowledge of how the tools work, have already begun to deal with many things that I did not pay attention to before, learned a lot of new and interesting things! Now I feel much more confident, I understand what D&B and FS are, I have a better understanding of color. Especially color, because you don't see everything at once!) If before I just played with curves at random, now I understand why I do it this way and not the other way around. Of course, I come back from time to time to training videos, because I want to do everything perfectly, so it's great that access is available all year round. The most interesting thing is that I thought that there would be something mega incomprehensible on the course, but everything is very accessible in fact! The course is really interesting, I will say with confidence that it will also suit beginners! The main desire to learn! Thank you again! And special thanks for the tips and for taking the time to answer my questions !!!!
I was sooooo long and tedious looking for retouching courses, read reviews, I doubted which ones to choose for a long time. Found your course quite by accident and never regretted it! I would like to thank you very much for such a structured and understandable course! It was a pleasure to walk through. After the course, you clearly understand the retouching algorithm, and self-confidence appears. Thank you for the feedback, which did the analysis of our work. Special thanks for the personal 2-hour consultation in a pleasant atmosphere! 2 hours have flown by! And I got a lot of new tips. I really like your practical, balanced, professional and modern vision of retouching and working with clients!
Hello, Lesya. I watched the course and want to share my thoughts. For me, this training was very informative. This is not the first time I have taken retouching courses and I can say that they are all aimed at studying individual pieces of retouching information, but I did not know how to combine this information in my head and work with them in stages. Thanks to your course, I finally put all the information for myself on the shelves. Now I understand how to do retouching correctly, so that at any moment to return to the stage I need and not lose information. As for the section on color correction, color was the most difficult stage for me in retouching. Because I didn't understand how to twist those sliders at all to make it look beautiful. And after looking at this section, I realized where to take inspirational examples and create your own color, now it's a matter of practice. Thank you for an interesting, informative course
Hi, I'm done watching all the lessons. I want to thank you for such a large amount of useful information and that everything is presented very easily and without water. Now retouching takes much less time. I really like this method to go from the opposite. I would never have thought of this and it saves a lot of time. It was also very useful for me when you explain how to work with a specific part of the face or body. And I really liked that in each lesson you explain everything with a few examples and not just one photo. I have already done a few shots with new knowledge and as a result the retouching is much more accurate, and the whole process took less time than it would have been before. Thank you very much again!
I have already been to many courses, workshops, but in this course everything is completely different. 🔸 Clear course program. 🔸 Clear and detailed explanation. 🔸 Chat for students. 🔸 Feedback of your works from @lesyakostiv after the course on the individual consultation. 🔸Analysis of photos of other students, accordingly you learn from other people's mistakes. It's always easier to see mistakes in other people's photos than in your own. 🔸Explanation of what to do. To return to the right stage at the right time and not lose the information you have been working on for a long time. 🔹And the most important thing is the explanation of what the right professional retouch is. When you need to stop so as not to overdo it. What is the right color and how to see it. Unfortunately, not everyone explains this. It is not difficult to learn different retouching techniques, but understanding quality retouching is difficult.
Lesya is a successful retoucher with more than 10 years of experience. Unlike other retouchers who work only with warm colors and large portraits and do not have work, she has her own retouching agency and works with various clients all over the world . Among its customers are Toyota, LV, many magazines, clothing brands, Hollywood stars, photos in Times Square. It is an honor to gain experience from such a master. The uniqueness of the course lies in the structure and clear explanation of each stage of retouching in clear words. For myself I changed all my previous retouching technology, because all these years I worked only with plugins and very aggressively. And my pain is COLOR. Oh, how well he talks about color. I recommend every photographer and retoucher to buy it and watch it several times. There is just tons of information!
Anatoly Matrenko
Photographer / Retoucher
Hello, Lesya, thank you very much for the course! For me as a beginner, the information from the beginning to the end is clear, understandable and very useful. There is nothing superfluous, each stage of retouching is thought out to the smallest detail. Lesya, thank you very much for your work and shared your great experience. It was so useful!
Good evening! I bought your course and never regretted. Everything is clear, very understandable , concise, without water. It was so interesting and a lot of cool hacks, tips and tricks! I'm very, very happy. My knowledge of Photoshop was not enough. Your course is my first retouching course and I'm glad I bought it. Because my knowledges were chaotically obtained from various videos on YouTube it was very difficult to systematize it 🙁 Thanks to you I learned to see colors in a different way, it's even hard to explain how I see them now, but it all changed drastically. Now, when I edit photos from my shots, I spend much less time, because everything is more systematic + I'm not so afraid that I will not cope with all sorts of difficult cases
Lesya, you have told about retouching so easily, you collected puzzles in my head so quickly! You did not monotonously told how and what to click, but first of all you give an understanding of all these clicks and how it works ❤ It is important to note your combination of conversation and processing! Thank you for the knowledge, for the atmosphere, for sharing your knowledge and experience, which was not so easy1 I am very pleased with the master class, and I will recommend you. Thank you for your inspirational work, for freedom and sincerity in communication!
Serik Retoucher
Photographer / Retoucher
I am not a complete beginner, and for five years I have been learning to exist in the retouching business based on my own mistakes and my own experience. I fimished the course and then we had the consultation where I got very useful and valuable tips. I'm just getting ready to start in the world of freelancing away from my employer, and knowing how to start, how to not fear and how to kill yourself with enormous deadliness is very important. I received detailed answers to all my questions about prices and their formation, competent communication with customers, organization of time, as well as the importance of initiative in this business. In general, I received a lot of motivation, I feel armed with all my teeth. Your colossal work is worth the attention of both beginners and professionals!
xc x cx
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