Professional retouching and color grading

Educational video course by Lesya Kostiv

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What I wan’t you to learn – is a deep conscious approach to the photo editing – what we’re doing, why, which techniques to use?

How we feel the skin texture?

How we train our eye and see the difference between over edited and natural result.

How to come up with the color grading ideas and always have many color options on your mind.

How to make your retouching not chaotic and painful, but productive and meaningful.

I teach you to do the result you and your clients will love!

Sign up for early birds updates and we'll let you know ASAP when the Retouching Course is available
Sign up for early birds updates and we'll let you know ASAP when the Retouching Course is available !
This online course includes:

  35 video lessons in Adobe Camera Raw, Capture One and Adobe Photoshop  –  from raw conversion and basic adjustments to improved high end techniques for skin, body, hair, background, clothes retouching, color correction and color grading.

 15 hours of video, available online 24/7.

✔ PDF retouching plan – checklist of all the stages of the editing.

 Workbooks with the quiding instructions, adjustments of the instruments / techniques we use.


 40 PSD files with layers

 50 professional RAW photos for your practice from the fashion photographer

 Access to private Facebook group for networking and sharing the results

 This course is for the independent work in your own temp, the format provides materials which are already recorded and available for you online right after the purchase.

 The course format provides videos with the detailed explanation of all the actions you see, all the ideas and decisions we make. These are not some speed retouching videos, but detailed tutorials of the approach ,with the explanations why we do such, which more options we have, which mistakes could be made.

ⓘ Language of the course and software – English. Please keep in mind, the educator is not a native English speaker, so her accent may sound unusual for you, please watch the sample video to make sure you can understand everything.

 Access for the course – 1 year from the moment of purchase. 

ⓘ The access is for 1 person only (per 1 Facebook account). You can access from any computer/tablet, but only from 1 account.

ⓘ You can purchase the gift certificate for the person who’s not the buyer, please contact us for such possibility.

ⓘ You will need Adobe Photoshop for all the lessons (optionally Capture One for 1 lesson).

The Retouching Course is for you if you are:

Amateur photographer

You’ll get all the techniques and knowledges which use Pro, but which are also simple for understanding even if you’re beginner. You need to start right, building the structure of your editing process, knowing which techniques are good and which to avoid, how to work with references and moodboards, how to find your own retouching style, but also fit the market.

Professional photographer

You might already got some experience in retouching, but you feel there is still a space to improve, to make your process more effective, to learn some tips and tricks and become more productive. There are tons of information around, but you need to get those essentials which are used on high end market.

You’ll also be able to teach your own team and save time, outsourcing some tasks.




This might be your full time job or a side hustle, anyway you’ll get new skilles, improve the existing level of your retouching, understand how to deal with the complicated clients assignments, how to organise your process effectively and productively, how to find balance in time – quality and reach new professional level, which will help you finally love your results and get more happy clients.

Your educator
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Lesya Kostiv — professional commercial fashion & beauty retoucher, who works with the international photographers, brands, magazines, model agencies and creative agencies since 2010. 

Her retouching works were published at such magazines as: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, HELLO, Nylon, L’Oficciel, Grazia, Lucy’s, Vulcan, Neo2 and others. Among hundreds clients there were such as: YSL beauty, Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Porsche, Toyota, L’Oreal Kerastase, Emily Ratajkowski.

She has edited more than 10 000 photos and taught more than 200 photographers and retouchers on offline and online workshops during last 10 years.

In 2020 was launched her “Retouch Course” in Ukrainian, and “The Retouching Course” in English in 2021.

The Retouching Course program:

Chapter 1 - Analysis, retouching plan, structuring, organising the workflow, RAW conversion in Capture one and Adobe Photoshop

1. Creating the plan of retouching and workflow. Steps overview, photo analysis. Understanding what needs to be edited, which methods and techniques to use and in which order, how to choose references. Retouching checklist and brief plan.

2. Organizing the workspace and workflow. Structured work in Photoshop – layers, groups and masks. Files format, color profiles.

3. Why we need to work with RAW files. How to make the best raw conversion and take out the most possible from raw photos for further easier retouching. Сapture One vs Lightroom vs Adobe Camera RAW

4. Raw conversion in Adobe Camera RAW (Photoshop і Lightroom) 

5. Raw conversion in Capture One


Chapter 2 - Retouching. Skin retouching, hair retouching, body work. Attention to details - clothes, eyes and lips makeup, under eyes area, age wrinkles, studio background

6. Skin cleaning as a basic step of retouching.

7. Frequency separation. How to use it wisely, in which situations. How not to filter the skin, not to loose the volume and keep the natural look.

8. Dodge & Burn – is it for volume or for texture? How to do perfect skin retouching just with only one technique.

9. Under the eyes area – dark circles, wrinkles.

10. Age and mimic wrinkles on the face and neck.

11. Eyes, eyebrows, lashes, nails, makeup.

12. Lips with the perfect contour and color

13. Skin without small facial hairs

14. Hair retouching – clean, shiny hair with the nice shape.

15. Body retouching. How to get rid of spots, wrinkles, tan lines, vessels. Work with body shapes – liquify and slimming

16. Clothes retouching – fixing folds, wrinkles, bad shape.

17. Backround retouching. Removing unwanted objects. How to clean studio background, fill the gaps, change the color.

Chapter 3 - Skintone and volume

18. Perfect skintone – how it looks, how to make the skintone even. Local skintone colour correction

19. How to get rid of redness

20. How to make skin more matte and get rid of extra shine and oily look

21. Shiny skin. How to improve the volume, highlights.

22. Different skin treatment – porcelain fairy skin or bronze tanned look.

Chapter 4 - Color. Color correction. Color grading and toning. Color harmonies, references and mood boards. Local color grading, luminosity masks, color adjustments instruments, black and white photo.

23. Color basics – how to understand color, how we see color, how to feel it, train our vision and aesthetic tastes.

24. Color harmonies – how we use it in photo editing.

25. References and mood boards – how to match your photos to your inspiration ideas.

26. Color harmonies practice – analysing and applying. 

27. Color grading practice with curves and selective color.

28. Local color correction, using mask and luminosity masks for color grading

29. Black and white photo 

Chapter 5 - Finalazing. Grain, sharpness, output for web and print.

30. Grain and noisy “vintage magazine” look

31. How to edit photos from a shoot in one style and save time

32. Sharpness

33. Saving, output for print and web

Choose your plan

Full video course "Professional retouching and color grading"

  35 video lessons

 15 hours of video, available online 24/7.

✔ PDF retouching plan – checklist of all the stages of the editing.

 Workbooks with the quiding instructions, adjustments of the instruments / techniques we use.


 40 PSD files with layers

 50 professional RAW photos for your practice from the fashion photographer

Full video course + 1to1 individual Zoom lesson/consultation

✔ Full Retouching Course access 

✔ One personal call with Lesya where you’ll get detailed feedback on your retouching (your portfolio or homework from the course), answers to all of your questions, personalised plan on your professional grow, tips on building your marketing strategy and of course we’ll do retouching

 ✔ Duration of the call – 2 hours

✔ I recommend we book a call when you watched all the course and you already practiced, I give you some tasks for homework which I’ll check by our call so we can talk more practically

How it works:



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Watch, learn, improve

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Here is what you get with the improved skills:


Natural skin texture


Shiny hair without flyaways


Clean background


Perfect makeup

2020-04-17 12.43.08

Volume and shiny skin


Professional color grading


Я додивилася курс і хочу поділитися своїми думками. Для мене це навчання було дуже пізнавальним. Я вже не вперше проходжу курси по ретуші і можу сказати, що всі вони направлені на вивчення окремих шматків інформації по ретуші, а як цю інформацію об'єднати в голові і поетапно з ними працювати я не знала. Завдяки вашому курсу я нарешті всю інформацію для себе розклала по поличках. Тепер розумію як робити ретуш правильно, щоб в будь-який момент повернутися до потрібного мені етапу та не втратити інформації. А щодо розділу про кольорокорекцію, то колір для мене був найважчим етапом у ретуші. Бо я не розуміла як взагалі крутити ті повзунки, щоб це виглядало красиво. А подивившись цей розділ я зрозуміла звідки треба брати надихаючі приклади і створювати свій колір, тепер справа за практикою. Дякую за цікавий, інформативний курс👍
Дуже крутий МК! Один з кращих, на яких мені доводилось побувати. Величезне Дякую за ту науку, яку ти вкладала в нас, за те, що передала неймовірну кількість інформації та вміння, яке збирала роками та шліфувала величезною працею! За те, що ні на хвилину не замовкала ці два дні, пояснюючи кожен свій рух, кожен інструмент, кожну дію. Дуже круто! І Тепер нам потрібно практика, практика і ще раз практика.Пішла за комп, щоб не забути. Дякую!
Леся, ти настільки доступно розказала про ретуш, так легко зібрала пазли в моїй голові! Ти не просто монотонно розказувала, як треба і що клацати, а перш за все даєш розуміння цих всіх клацань і як це працює❤ Важливо підмітити твоє поєднання розмови і процесу обробки! Дякую тобі за знання, за атмосферу, за те, що ти ділишся своїми знаннями і досвідом, який не так легко дався🔥 Я дуже задоволена майстер-класом, і буду рекомендувати тебе👍🏻💪🏻 Дякую тобі за плідну роботу, за вільність і щирість у спілкуванні🔥❤️😌
Леся, я після твого МК повністю поміняла бачення на обробку, і мені це так подобається, я в захваті на скільки це натурально виглядає, і стільки задоволення приносить бачити результат) хочу тобі ще раз подякувати, емоціями не передати!
Леся, щиро тобі дякую! Справді, це просто вау, тут немає лишніх слів, це те, що ти знаєш і вмієш Це велика праця і великий досвід. І я дякую що ти поділилась цим зі мною. Дякую за допомогу. Це дало мені мотивації . Справді . Треба вчитись. Треба працювати ще і я нарешті знаю як це почати робити! .
Гарний був воркшоп! Ти вмієш подати матеріал харизматично, професійно, вмієш мотивувати людей навчатись, працювати! Було цікаво!
Anatoly Matrenko
Фотограф / Ретушер
Це був не перший мій МК по ретуші) Нарешті я закрила всі питання, які в мене виникали👌🏻 Конкретно, без води, по суті. Дякую🧡
Дякую за цікаво і з користю проведений час. Крутий МК високого рівня! Було відчутно, що ти професіонал своєї справи.
xc x cx
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